History of the College - College of Administrative Sciences

History of The College 

The Business College was established in the academic year of 2008/2009,  with the Department of Public Administration as the first academic division: the following year wetness, the founding of the Law Department. The Accounting Department was introduced at the start of the 2013/2014 academic year, and the Marketing and E-Commerce Department was established at the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year. Najran University's Business College takes pride in its commitment to excellence in education, providing quality services and delivering diverse training programs to its students and stakeholders at all levels – locally, regionally, and internationally.

Initially, the Department of Public Administration was set up to address the needs of both the government and private sector labour markets. It has become a key provider of a highly skilled graduate workforce for governmental administration throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Business Administration Department plays a pivotal role in preparing students academically and professionally to meet contemporary needs and expectations. It equipped students with essential management knowledge and skills, enabling them to handle a variety of economic projects, tackle administrative challenges, make informed decisions, and craft effective business strategies. The department has launched a master’s program in Business Administration, which is currently hosting several postgraduate students.

To cater to the demand for legally educated and skilled individuals in the Saudi labour market, the Law Department was established. It provides a curriculum and advanced courses that give students a comprehensive grasp of laws and regulations applicable to various professional and workplace settings. The Accounting Department has emerged as another integral part of the College, with its graduates being highly sought after. The department has received a large number of student applications since its foundation and recorded one of the highest acceptance rates at the entry-level. The Marketing and E-Commerce Department was established in 2022 in response to the escalating need for skilled graduates in these dynamic fields to satisfy the market demands and address the need for a professional graduate who possesses both theoretical and practical knowledge in marketing and E-commerce. A considerable number of students of both genders have been enrolled, and the department is looking forward to launching a master’s program soon.

The college awards bachelor’s degrees in public administration, Business Administration, Law, Accounting, and Marketing and E-Commerce to students from diverse backgrounds, typically after four years of study. Additionally, the College offers master’s programs, including Business Administration, Human Resource Management, and professional master’s in law, and Professional Master in Accounting. The college was originally named the 'College of Administrative Sciences' at its foundation and recently was renamed the 'Business College' at the outset of 2023.