Department Director's Functions - College of Administrative Sciences

Department Director's Functions

1. Follow up on the budget preparation process and follow-up on its implementation.
2. Follow up the administrative, technical and scientific work in the units and committees associated with it and work to raise the level of performance in them.
3. Supervising the management communication system, information systems, and the electronic environment of the college.
4. Supervise and coordinate requests from departments, agencies, and committees within the College and ensure everything necessary to keep them in good operational condition.
5. Supervising the management and development of all facilities in the college.
6. Supervising the security and safety work in the college by all possible means.
7. Direct contact with counterparts in other colleges regarding the scope of work under the supervision of the Dean of the College.
8. Representation of the College in committees and matters related to financial and administrative matters with the authorization of the Dean of the College.
9. Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the Faculty on the functioning of his units following the tasks entrusted to him and the difficulties encountered, and this is for the other departments outside the Faculty.
10. Execution of the dean's mandates.