College Council - College of Administrative Sciences

College Council 

     Name                                          Position                                                                  Role                               
  1     Dr. Salem AL-Fayi  Dean College                               Chairman of the Council
  2  Dr. Khaled AL- Kulib  Vice Dean for Educational Affairs   Secretary of the Council
  3  Dr. Hamad Lasloom    Vice Dean For Quality Affairs   Member 
  4  Dr. Dalal AL-Sheikh   Vice Dean for Femal Affairs   Member 
  5  Dr. Hassan ALqahtani  Head of Business Administration
  6  Dr. Yacob Daruywish  Head of Accounting Department  Member  
  7  Dr. Ahmed ALsomaili  Head of Law Department    Member  
  8  Dr. Ibrahim AL-Oqail  Head of Public Administration Department  Member 
  9  Dr. Nassem AL-Maznai Head of Marketing & E-Commerce Department   Member