College Director

Specification of Tasks 

  1. Supervising and following-up implementing the administrative works of the College administration's sub-units.
  2. Supervising the speed of providing the purchases.
  3. Directly contacting all NU administrations regarding the financial and administrative aspects.
  4. Supervising, defining the authorities, and observing the attendance of all administrators of the college.
  5. Preparing the occupational evaluation of the administration's employees, within his limits.
  6. Granting and regulating vacations of the college's administrators.
  7. Preparing regular reports of the college's administrative and financial affairs and reporting to the dean.
  8. Supervising all works of the contracting faculty members, regarding (passports- issuing travel, return, and departure visas- issuing travel tickets).
  9. Following-up implementing the approved plan of the college regarding the administrative and financial affairs.
  10. Participating in preparing the college's annual report.