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Student Council

About the Student Council
The Student Council seeks to contribute effectively to the achievement of the College's vision, enlighten students in their representation and create a full partnership with the College and its management, promote dialogue and communication, address student issues, protect their rights, and seek to meet their needs in the fields of education and cultural and social activities and contribute to the development of society under Vision 2030.

Objectives of the Student Council
1. Communicate and strengthen the link between the faculty's management and its students to help the smooth functioning of the educational process and the services provided within the faculty.
2. Seek students' views on the activities and services provided within the college, convey their message to officials, and identify and follow up on their problems.
3. Developing students' leadership, communication, and responsibility skills, which contribute to build a globally competitive student society.
4. To participate actively in events of the College by joining hands, cooperating, sharpening determination and sensing the meaning of contributions.

Tasks of the Student Council
1. Representing the Council before the scientific departments, the faculty administration, the college council, and students.
2. Convening of meetings of the Council.
3. Distribution of functions among Council members.
4. Coordination of the implementation of student activities and continuous communication with members to launch qualitative initiatives and programmes.

1. Carrying out the duties of the President, by his authorization, in supervising the plans and implementing them officially.
2. Assist the President and perform the functions assigned to him by the President of the Council.

Secretary of the Board.
1. Preparation of the Council's agenda.
2. Writing minutes of meetings.
3. Follow-up on the Board's recommendations after approval by the relevant authorities.

 Members of the Council
1. Each member shall represent the official voice of the college students.
2. Attend all meetings of the Council.
3. Support the Council's role in achieving the goals for which it was formed.
4. Strengthening programs and events for scientific departments.

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