Test Progress Committee - College of Administrative Sciences

Test Progress Committee

Overview of the Committee
The Test Progress Committee is the committee supervising the final and quarterly testing process at the college and is chaired by the dean of the college.

Committee's objectives
The committee aims to ensure that school achievement tests are applied under the approved regulations, procedures, and instructions.

Members of the Committee
The Test Progress Committee consists of the following members
Dean of the College (President).
Undersecretary for Educational Affairs (Vice-Chairperson of the Commission).
Registrar of the College (member). 
4. Chairpersons of testing committees and representatives of heads of scientific departments (member). 
5. Coordinator of general preparation and external decisions (member). 
6. Faculty members are selected by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of the Committee (members).

Functions of the Committee
1. Prepare a general file of tests and update it at the start of each semester with updated circulars, regulations, and evidence.
2. Prepare a special file for the test period containing all the works and forms used during the test period and organize them in a way that is easy to consult when needed.
3- Preparation and processing of tables of tests and observations.
4. Equipping answer pamphlets for faculty members according to appointments and follow-up procedures.
Allocate a safe place within the sealed college to save question papers, answers, and tests.
6. Explain the regulations for tests to all faculty and staff members at the beginning of each semester and remind them of those systems before the tests.

Communication with the Committee
Official Email: Kaalshahrani@nu.edu.sa