Dean's Statement - College of Administrative Sciences

 Dean' s  Statement 

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Faculty of Business Administration at Najran University, established in the academic year 1429-1430 AH (2008/2009). 

Our faculty includes five departments that offer a comprehensive range of knowledge across different disciplines in social science and grant bachelor’s degrees in business administration, Accounting, Law, Marketing & E-Commerce, and human resources. In addition, the college offers four masters in executive business administration, executive HR management, professional accounting, and professional law  .

Aligned with the national development objectives stated by Vision 2030, our vision, mission, and strategic objectives were thoroughly designed and established to contribute to meeting the country's developmental goals and responding to the evolving demands for a skilful workforce to serve in the public and private sectors in the kingdom. We are committed to preparing a highly skilled workforce with the theoretical understanding and practical ability to fulfil the national development objectives.

Our strategic plans and goals at the College of Business Administration are  in line  with the university's overarching strategic objectives that were structured around four axes:
1- Fostering a sustainable institutional environment. 
2- Providing distinguished teaching and learning. 
3- Encouraging research production that fuels innovation and investment. 
4- Cultivating an Effective Community Partnership. 

The College firmly upholds these objectives and strongly emphasises the empowerment of our students beyond the traditional role of mere education recipients. We are devoted at the Business College to creating a more dynamic educational environment, allowing for greater engagement and facilitating feedback to enhance our academic programs, ensure high-quality service and maintain continuous developments in meeting the quality standards set by the NCAAA.  
                                                                                                       Dean of the College
                                                                                                       Dr. Salem Al -fayi