Vision, Mission , and Objectives - College of Administrative Sciences

 Vision , Mission and Objectives 

Department Vision 
Scientific and academic excellence through a distinguished program in business administration that satisfies the desires of students and meets the needs of the labor market and development requirements.
Department Mission 
Preparing graduates with knowledge and skills in the field of business administration to meet the needs of the labor market by enhancing the educational and research environment and community service to achieve develpment plans according to vision 2030. 

Department Objectives 
The program seeks to achieve the objectives of the development plans in accordance with vision 2030 through the following:
1- Graduation of students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values in the field of business administration to meet the requirements of the labor market.
2- Promoting the culture of scientific research according to the research directions of the university.
3- Linking the program with the community through building effective partnerships and community initiatives.