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Message from the Head of Business Administration Department
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The Department of Business Administration is one of the most important academic departments in educational institutions and universities. This department aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand, analyse and manage business operations. This department has various majors that include, but are not limited to: marketing, human resources, finance, public management, and operations management. Therefore, Students can choose the major that suits their interests and personal skills.

Studying Business Administration provides broad opportunities in the labour market. Graduates of this major work in a variety of fields and industries, including large corporations, government institutions, non-profit organisations, and startups.
Popular career opportunities for business administration graduates include:
1. Purchasing and Supply Manager: Responsible for organising and managing the purchasing and supply process in the organisation.
2. Marketing Manager: Responsible for work on developing and implementing marketing strategies to enhance the organisation’s products or services and increase its market share.
3. Human Resources Manager: Responsible for recruiting, training, and developing employees and managing public relations in the organisation.
4. Business Analyst: Responsible for analysing financial and economic data and information to make strategic decisions in the organisation.
5. Management consultant: Provides management advice and guidance to institutions to improve their performance and achieve growth.

Business administration graduates must have many skills such as the ability to analyse, innovate, make strategic decisions, effective communication, and leadership. They must also have a comprehensive understanding of business, economics, law and professional ethics.

In short, business administration is a comprehensive and interesting major that offers broad opportunities in the labour market and graduates can play an important role in managing and developing enterprises and achieving practical success. If you have a passion for business and dream of working in a dynamic business environment, business administration may be the right major for you.

Head of the Business Administration Department,

Dr. Hassan Hussein Al-Qahtani