Vision, mission and objectives


 Offering a distinguished educational and research service in Business Administration that allows students to compete in the labor market.


Equipping students with the knowledge and skills of Business Administration through a distinguished program that meets the requirements of labor market according to Islamic values.


1.           Developing cognitive skills of the students to improve their level and upgrade their efficiency of the educational output.

2.           Keeping up to date with developments and updates in Business Administration Program through continuous update and regular review.

3.           Excellence in the program and competing similar programs in similar Colleges in other universities.

4.           Setting plans of studies and research to serve the community and upgrade the research abilities of the faculty.

5.           Contributing to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market of qualified cadres.

6.           Contributing to community development by upgrading financial and administrative performance of private institutions by offering scientific and practical consultations.

7.           Preparing and qualifying leaderships and specialized cadres in managing private institutions and small projects that is positively reflected on local community development.