Speech of Supervisor of student Activities unit

Based on the modern educational frames, Student Activities Unit, College of Administrative Sciences offers different activities to develop and refine student's personality. Accordingly, it provides cultural, social, sports, and religious activities to students. Through deliberate programs and plans, it aims to discover and upgrade students' skills; motivate them to achieve innovation in accomplishing student activities; and develop their abilities to create the best overall student personality. It is keen on affording an appropriate university environment to practice the different cultural, artistic, social, religious, and sports activities; offering the opportunity to the largest number of them to achieve their different desires and skills; and discovering their skills and abilities. It depends on developing the students' creative abilities to be behaviorally, cognitively, and emotionally developed and transfer their ideas into reality and practical application in the various fields in line with the policy of NU Deanship of College of Administrative Sciences.


Mr. Rashed ibn Saleh Abu Janha