Vision, mission and objectives

Program Vision 

" Leading and excellence at the local level in scientific and proffessional accounting education."

Program Mission 

" Preparing competent qualified scientifically and professionally in the field of accounting in order to contribute to fulfill the needs of the labour market according to islamic values."

Program Objectives 

1. Qualifying students theoretically and practically in various accounting fields and their applications.

2. Provide students with the skills pf preparing budgets, and develop their abilities to plan, implement, and control financial operations, and prpare reports.

3. Provide students with the skills of applying accounting principles during their practice.

4. Enabling students to deal with accounting problems in the working life, and urging them to pay attention to the profession ethics. 

5. Developing students abilities to deal with electronic accounting programs.

6. To introduce the student to all the latest economic and financial events at the local and international level and its effects on accounting applications and control of financial operations.