College Management - College of Administrative Sciences

 About College Management

It is an administrative body under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty responsible for implementing all regulations, policies and administrative and financial procedures and ensuring their efficient and effective performance, supervising the management and maintenance of the Faculty's facilities, and applying the specific procedures for the receipt, export, and distribution of transactions in the Faculty.
The College's management functions are limited to the following points:
1. Supervise the application of the financial and administrative affairs regulations and regulations of the University.
2. Reporting of work intervals for staff and staff members of the College.
3. Supervision of the College's procurement insurance.
4. Follow up on transactions for requests of the College's contracted faculty (vacations, visas, allowances, tickets) and submit them to the competent authorities.
5. Supervising the faculty's facilities with the relevant authorities and monitoring their hygiene and maintenance.
6. Organizing vacations of faculty members, faculty members, administrators, and professionals.
7. Communicate with the competent authorities to repair the breakdowns in the college and follow up on them.
8. Supervise the distribution of offices and furniture in the college.
9. Supervising the attendance, supervision, and absence of the College's administrative, and technical staff.
10. Supervision of the College's financial affairs and specialized covenant following the regulations.
11. Organization of work related to the Brigadier's Secretariat, agents, and departments.