Vision, mission and objectives

Dep. of Law


Pioneer and excel law education according to the Islamic Law


"Preparing a scientifically and professionally qualified graduate in law to meet community needs according to the Islamic Law.


Objective, aims, and teaching strategies and indicators



Means (Strategies) of Teaching


- "Preparing a scientifically and professionally qualified graduate according to the Islamic Law.

-Enabling graduates of the knowledge, principles, rules, and contemporary theory in law according to the Islamic law.

-Regular review of the program's specification and courses

 -Survey the beneficiaries' opinions of the program's learning outputs.

-Percentage of teaching courses to implement the program's study plan.

-Means of the students' general grade in the program.

-Percentage of beneficiaries' satisfaction of the program's learning outcomes.

- Linking theory to practice

-Teaching graduates the applied skills of law texts.

- Setting and implementing practical training plan

-Means of success ratio in practical training course.

- Participating in meeting community needs


- Meeting community needs of law graduates

- Survey the employer's opinions of the program's graduates

- Percentage of the employer's satisfaction of the program's graduates.