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Address by the Head of the Department of Public Administration

In the name of God, the Lord of the two worlds, may prayers and peace be upon Ashraf of the prophets and messengers.

We extend a warm welcome to the Department of Public Administration at Business School, a highly esteemed academic department at both the college and university levels. The five key functions of the Department - planning, management, coordination, direction, and oversight - are of utmost importance. Public administration is closely intertwined with public policy and various other disciplines such as business administration, law, and economics, to name a few.

Our vision for the department is clear: "To be a leader in academia, knowledge, and research at the local and regional levels, and to actively contribute to serving the community." Equally important to our vision is the department's mission, which is "to prepare graduates in the field of public administration who are capable of contributing to the management of public and private agencies and institutions, and to provide knowledge in this field through academic programs that meet the needs of development."

The Department currently offers two programs - the Bachelor of Public Administration Program and the Executive Master's Program in Human Resources Management. As a team within the Department of Public Administration, we are working to develop various programs that align with the needs of the Saudi labor market and the goals of our esteemed Kingdom Vision 2030. One notable program in the works is the Bachelor of Human Resources Management program, which is expected to be accredited by experts.

In closing, we express our gratitude for visiting the Department of Public Administration's page on the website, and we look forward to welcoming you back.

Head of Department of Public Administration