Marketing & E- Commerce - College of Administrative Sciences

Head of Marketing and E-commerce Department Message
On behalf of myself and my fellow faculty members in the Department of Marketing and E-commerce at the college of business administration, I would like to welcome you to the department’s webpage. Due to the digital evolution, the way media reaches audiences, how brands interact with customers, and how companies serve their clients have all undergone significant changes. It is an exciting time to enter this creative world. Therefore, the Marketing and E-commerce Department offers various specializations in marketing such as marketing researches, integrated digital communications, brand management, social media marketing, digital marketing, and other areas that seek to train professional digital marketers and influential researchers, in order to provide the private and public sectors with qualified individuals who possess both academic and professional expertise.

Moreover, the Marketing and E-commerce Department provides students with the opportunity to integrate creativity with theoretical and analytical skills for a deeper understanding of audiences. This is achieved through internal training and opportunities to interact with the industry specialists. Through these experiences, students will be able to interpret and present information, strategies, and marketing plans required by local and foreign companies to satisfy and maintain customers. This involves providing developed and innovative products that provide excellent returns on investment.

The graduate student will be able to utilizes a wide range of modern marketing tools and techniques and will be able to use knowledge to support innovation in a wide range of government agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Head of Marketing and E-commerce Department
Dr. Naseem Mohammed Al-Maznai