About the Department of Business Administration

Department of Business administration grants Bachelor's degree, and passing the preparatory year is a main requirement for the first year. The department contributes to the preparation of business students that are scientifically consistent with the modern professional requirements, and provides them with the knowledge and administration skills to help them in various economic project management, problem solving administrative and decision-making, and the appropriate policies to manage the business.

The department also offers Master degree in business administration, which seeks to effectively improve the level of academic and scientific postgraduate students who aspire to scientific and research abilities of theoretical and applied development through an integrated system of knowledge and skills.

The program of business administration endeavors to meet these academic ambitions through a set of courses that meet the knowledge and skills and is committed to the requirements and standards of the international academic accreditation for business administration AACSB, particularly with regard to INTERNATIONALIZATION in the study plans including international business, international marketing and strategic marketing.