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Launching a program for " Visiting a scholars " at the university

The fourth scientific  meeting was held on Wednesday, opened by a lecture for students and college staff entitled "Intellectual Security: Facts and Pillars" presented by Dr. Suleiman bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail,  a member of  the Council of Senior Scholars, and the director of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University. The lecture was transferred through the closed-circuit television to four headquarters and  it was broadcasted to the students, and to the branch of the university  in Sharoura
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Falah Al-Subaie, the university Rector, welcomed the guest, confirming the importance of such visits to spread  the religion of moderation and the moderate behavior.
The  lecture  was attended by about 3 thousand people and he discussed the concept of intellectual security and truth, and the difference between it and the security creed , and he made a review of the ways and means of enemies used in  the disruption of intellectual security, and discussed the elements and pillars of intellectual security.
Dr. Aba al-Khail explained that the parties and organizations that have been afflicted by religion have harmed the Muslims, as they have tried to spoil the people's relationship with their rulers and as a result of following these calls, everyone has seen that countries  has gone into the wind and lost its security and safety. In order to achieve our goals, to keep our country secure we need to make people aware of what the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions were.
At the conclusion of the lecture, Aba Al-Khail answered the audience's questions. His Excellency the Rector honored the guest with a commemorative shieldt .he Vice-Dean  for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Supervisor of the Unit of Intellectual Education at the University, Dr. Mohammed Sultan Al-Assiri, said that the program comes back to the partnership between the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior scholars and the Unit of Intellectual Education at the University. This  to consolidate the concept of intellectual security and its importance in immunizing members of the society against the  ideas of extremist and tyranny.
Dr. Mohammed Bin Sulaiman Al Subeihi, Advisor for the Secretary-General of the Council of Senior Scholars for Community Communication, said that the partnership between the Commission and the University is part of their active role in promoting moderation and showing the position and view  of Islam to  the issues of extremist ideas and deviant group.