Vision, mission and objectives of the Unit

 Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Unit
Achieving excellence among similar units in the field of development and quality activities at the local and regional level
Constantly striving to activate and enhance the activities of total quality and development in the educational, research, and administrative fields in the college, in cooperation with all the categories of beneficiaries, in an attempt to reach the vision of the Unit.


  • Disseminating the culture of quality in the surroundings of the college among all the categories of beneficiaries.
  • Identifying the requirements to obtain academic accreditation and quality assurance by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.
  • Forming trained cadres capable of implementing the academic accreditation and quality system.
  • Gaining the community’s confidence in the outputs of the educational process.
  • Offering consultancy services and guidelines to the different scientific departments and administrations in the college, with respect to quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Adopting the methodology of self-assessment, as an introduction to continuous internal auditing, and implementing the system of quality, accreditation, and qualification for accreditation.
  • Developing the skills of the teaching staff with respect to teaching and learning.
  • Developing the skills of the students in relation to learning.
  • Putting forward a system for quality assurance.
  • Developing the outputs of scientific research according to quality standards.

Organizational Structure of the Unit

  • The organizational structure of the Unit consists of the two main groups:
  • First: The Administrative Group of the Quality Assurance Unit, embracing:
  • The Dean of the College as the Manager of the Unit.
  • The Vice-Deans of the Department of Boys and Girls, as the Vice-Managers of the Unit.
  • The Supervisor and the Quality Supervisor in the College.
  • The Presidents of the Scientific Departments (Public Administration, Business Administrations and Systems).
  • The external member representing the community.
  • Second: Executive Group representing qualitative committees (technical) in charge of the management and execution of quality activities in the College

Last Year Activities of the Unit

1-Drafting the preliminary self-assessment report.
2-Elaborating enhancement plans for the three departments of the College.
3-Conducting the environmental analysis of the College, and the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), according to the preliminary self-assessment.
4-Drafting and adopting the by-laws of the Unit.
5-Equipping and identifying a location for quality units for boys and girls in the premises of the College, as well as furnishing the location completely and selecting a Male and Female Supervisor for both Units.
6-Issuing a decision by the Dean of the College to appoint a Supervisor and three members from each department of the College for the committees.
7-Elaborating plans for the development of the work of the committees, such as the enhancement plans for the departments, the strategic plan for the college, and the annual plan. The committees conducted a series of activities, such as setting academic standards for the three programs of the College as well as the teaching learning matrices, and finalizing the descriptions of the programs.

Current Year Unit Activities

1-Updating the environmental analysis.
2-Holding an open meeting with students within the framework of a media awareness campaign about the dissemination of the culture of quality in the College. The campaign was presented to female students by Professor Dr. Nachawy Nafeh, the Consultant of the University’s Vice-Rectorship for Development and Quality, and to male students by Dr. Ayman Jalala, the Consultant of the Vice-Rectorship.

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3-Holding a training workshop for the members of the teaching staff entitled “Towards the System Activation of Exams in the Najran University”.

Address of the Unit:
In the premises of the College of Administrative Sciences for Boys in Sawadi, and the premises of the College of Administrative Sciences for Girls in Athayiba.
Tel: 07/5428577