Meeting with an Advisor

Undergraduate students should be meeting with their declared, undeclared, or special campus program advisors once a term. Taking action by meeting with an advisor will allow you to make informed decisions and plan ahead. They can also connect you to opportunities and resources across campus. You may work with multiple advisors.

Academic Adviser can assist you with:

1.     Major Exploration

2.     How to declare a major

3.     Degree and general education requirements

4.     Course planning

5.     Academic policies, regulations and petitions

6.     Options if you are having academic difficulty



1.     Provide a safe, respectful, and confidential* space to ask questions, discuss your interests, and express your concerns.

2.     Assist and support you in making course and major decisions.

3.     Make effective referrals that allow you to navigate the university successfully.


Adviser Responsibilities


1.     An adviser may provide assistance in helping a student learn how to make practical academic plans and decisions, how to discover a range of options available to the student, based on the student's stated goals, and how to think through the consequences of the student's own choices.

2.     Assist in development of an academic/career plans consistent with student's stated goals, interests and abilities.

3.     Provide accurate information about policies, procedures and requirements.

4.     Create positive working relationships with students, other SAS advisors, staff and faculty.

5.     Assist student in understanding the rationale and potential of a liberal arts  education

6.     When appropriate refer students to other University resources and services.

7.     Expected Outcomes of Academic Advising

8.     Students will know how and where to access accurate information about policies, procedures and requirements.

9.     Student will be encouraged to make decisions that support their goals, abilities and aspirations.