About the Department of Public Administration:

Department of Public Administration is one of the early established scientific departments at College of Administrative Sciences, which is considered one of the basic blocks of the University of Najran, which was developed for the needs of the labor market and government and private institutions in the Kingdom and abroad.

Department of Public Administration is also considered one of the main sources for the provision of highly qualified human resources in Saudi Arabia in general and Najran in particular.

The programs offered in the Department of Public Administration seek to achieve the following objective:-

1.     Rooting of administrative thought and linking it with islamic values.

2.     Highlighting the significant contributions of the Islamic administration in the field of public administration.

3.     Connecting the student with modern scientific theories, ideas and concepts.

4.     Paying attention to and interaction with the requirements of the Saudi environment.

5.     Connecting the courses with development plans in Saudi Arabia.

6.     Co-operation and exchange of experiences with research centers and institutions of higher education domestically and abroad.

7.     Highlighting the process of practical training for students in all fields.