The unit comprises three sections, as follows:

I. Documenting Section is concerned with:

1.   Creating databases of graduates that is updated each semester.

2.   Creating databases of the employers and available opportunities.

3.   Communicating with the website of College to provide information of the unit and its activities.

II. Advising and Qualification Section is concerned with:

1.   Introducing the employers and available opportunities to graduates.

2.   Introducing the available opportunities of higher studies to graduates.

3.   Participating in professionally preparing graduates to the labor market.

III. Public Relations Section is concerned with:

1.   Consolidating relations with the graduates to communicate with them via the various means of communication.

2.   Consolidating relations with the labor market by communicating with them.

3.   Inviting graduates to attend NU general activities and the College's various activities.

4.   Organizing forums and exhibitions of graduates.