Dep. Council - College of Administrative Sciences

Dep. Council of BA



Position & Tasks


 Dr. Fahd Ali Elqahtany 

 Head of Department and Supervisor of NU Administrative and Financial Affairs 


 Dr. Atef Saad Elshahry 

 Vice-Dean and Dean of Higher Studies 


 Dr. Muhammad Elhasan Sherif 

 Coordinator of the Department 


 Prof. Muhammad Abdulwahed 

 Head of Planning and Financial Affairs Committee 


 Prof. Mounir Rasheed Elbaloumy 

 Coordinator of Scientific Research and Community Service 


 Dr. BabkrMubarak Elshiekh 

 Coordinator of Master Program 


 Dr. Methaq Ahmad Abdulhameed 

 Coordinator of Academic Advising in the Department 


 Dr. Muhamad Elameen Mahmoud 

 Head of Faculty Members' Committee in the Department 


 Dr. Ahmad Idris Abdo 

 Rapporteur of the Department 


 Dr. Kamal Abbas Tawany 



 Dr. Eltaj Muhammad Trebo 

 Registrar of Department 


 Dr. Khalid Salem Elatowy 

 Head of the Administrative Committee of Examination at the College 


 Dr. Abdulfattah Alawy 

 Supervisor of Student Affairs in the Department 


 Dr. Abdulghafar Abdullah Hamed

 Assistant Coordinator of the Department