Unit of Student Affairs

Specification of Tasks 

1.     The advertisements of students concerning the timing of admission, transference, addition, elimination, and excuse.

2.     Receiving the complaints and excuses of students and electronically transferring them to Heads and Coordinators of Department.

3.     Assisting the committees of student activity, including specializations and benefit from them in guiding and advising students.

4.     Collecting data of students academically distinguished at the end of each semester.

5.     Coordinating with the administration of College and the committees of student activity to hold welcome parties to freshmen and the honoring ceremony for distinguished students and alumni.

6.     Helping students in printing all samples (medical reports- academic registry- clearance form- deduction).  

7.     Creating a database for students concerning numbers and alumni at each semester.

8.     Copying all letters of the College at its departments and units

9.     Any other assignments by the administration.