Department of Public Administration is one of the early scientific departments that were established at College of Administrative Sciences; one of the main pillars of Najran University. It was introduced due to the scrutinizing and scientific vision of the labor market's needs derived from the needs of public and private sectors inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, it is a main source of providing high-level personnel to the various governmental sectors in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in general, and the southern areas and Najran, in particular. It contributes to graduating a large base of individuals specialized in Public Administration.

Therefore, it hires qualified human cadres with degrees from well-known national and international universities.

The programs of Public Administration Department seeks to meet the following purposes:

  1. Consolidating administrative thinking and linking to the religious values.
  2. Highlighting the great achievements of Islamic administration in public administration.
  3. Linking the student to modern scientific theories, ideas, and concepts.
  4. Paying attention to and interacting with the needs of the Saudi environment.
  5. Linking the courses to the plans of development in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  6. Cooperation and exchange of experiences with similar internal and external research centers and higher education institutions.
  7. Highlighting a large portion of the students' practical training in all fields.

Dr. Amena Omaerat 

Coordinator of Public Administration Department