Business Administration Department offers the Bachelor degree after completing four academic years. It requires passing the preparatory year in the first one. It contributes to the scientific preparation of business administration students in accordance with modern professional requirements. It also equips them with administrative knowledge and skills that help manage the various economic projects, solve administrative problems, make decisions, and set the appropriate policies.

Additionally, it offers an MBA program that effectively seeks to promote the academic and scientific level of higher studies' students who look forward to upgrading their scientific, theoretical and practical skills via a comprehensive system of knowledges, skills, and capabilities that promote their academic level and qualifies them to pursue their academic studies and aspirations.

 This can be achieved through a series of courses that meets the system of knowledges, skills, and capabilities and observes the standards of AACSB, especially in relation to internationalization of academic studies where the courses of international business administration, international marketing, and strategic marketing were enrolled in the academic plan of the program.